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On this page you will find useful information as well as forms designed to assist you in your planning. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Ready to plan your big day? Let's begin here!


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Fillable/Printable PDF version.  We recommend you download this form to your device BEFORE filling it out to ensure your changes get saved.


For best results, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Fillable DOC version.  Requires Microsoft Word.

For Your Quick Reference:

 Our PLANNER tool is what we use to know all the details of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.  Dances, speeches, introductions, timelines, special requests and all other personalized information can be submitted to us via this feature.  Once all this information is submitted, our MC (Julian) will get in touch with you on the phone prior to the wedding day to go over everything to make sure nothing is overlooked.  Needless to say, we're always available to answer any questions at all times to help you plan your perfect wedding as smoothly as possible. 

Just click one of the versions that works best for you. The DOCX version is for filling out using Microsoft Word. You can save it and email it back to us.  The PDF version is for filling out using Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader.  It can also be printed and filled out by hand, if desired.  You can then either mail it to us or scan and email back to us.

Other useful downloads:


You're all set for now.  As we come close to your date, we will contact you and schedule a phone call to go over all of the details on the planner you sent.  However, we are always available should you need to reach us before then.



When will the band arrive?

The band arrives between 1.5 to 2 hours before the first order of business (ceremony or cocktail hour in the case of weddings).  The band members may arrive in plain clothes for load in, since their formal attire may get damaged when carrying in the equipment.

What does the ceremony setup look like?  (Take a look)

The ceremony music is usually played through a discreet single 12" speaker mounted on a stand.  It has the capability to simultaneously amplify a plugged-in instrument (usually an acoustic guitar), wireless microphones (commonly used for the officiant and/or readers) and an iPod hookup (for prelude background, if needed).  It occupies an area no larger than 5'x5' and it only requires a common wall outlet for electricity.  We can provide up to 100 feet of extension cord, if needed. The ceremony service starts with the prelude music, which consists of tasteful, low-key instrumental music played while the guests take their seats.  Once the ceremony begins, the processional music (consisting of 1-2 pieces of your choosing) will accompany all individuals walking down the aisle.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, the recessional music (consisting of 1 piece of your choosing) will accompany the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle together. Needless to say, the ceremonial pieces are entirely your choice.  We offer a selection of classical pieces and can also learn any other contemporary pieces you want.  We strongly recommend that you allow as much time as possible for the musician to learn your piece, in case it is not included in our song list.

What does the cocktail hour setup look like? (Take a look)

Our cocktail hours mostly consist of a guitar/saxophone duo (except on our Budget packages, in where it would feature only a solo guitar).  Like the ceremony, the setup is very minimal and it only requires one outlet for electricity.  The music played is usually instrumental and low key, so that the conversation volume always takes priority.  The material regularly played is jazz/easy listening, and it is selected by the musicians themselves, so there is no need to make any special requests for this segment.

Will the band learn any additional material that is not included in their song list?

Of course! The band can learn up to 2 songs not included on their master song list. If you have hired us for your ceremony, we will also learn up to 3 new songs for the ceremony (in addition to any new material being learned for the reception). We ask that our clients provide us with at least four weeks' notice of any new songs to learn so that we have adequate time to prepare the material.

What is a typical timeline for the reception?

Our bandleader will coordinate with your event planner to ensure a smooth, flawless transition of events.  In order to give an idea of how receptions usually unfold, here is a typical timeline that is standard in most cases.  However, we would like to remind you that this is your party, and if your vision how the reception should develop differs from this list, Brick Park will always accommodate you.


The standard length of a reception (not including cocktail hour) is 4 hours from the introductions until the end.  Brick Park Entertainment offers an extra hour of overtime at no extra charge, if needed, consisting of 1/2 hour band and 1/2 hour DJ.  If additional time is needed, it must either be specified on the contract or negotiated prior to the end of the night, as long as it is allowed by the venue and any governing local noise ordinance laws.


What is the order of events? How does the evening unfold? Who gets to decide what happens?  When it is time to decide what happens on your most special day, remember that you are do not have to do this alone.  In most instances, the arrangement of the timeline is decided between the couple and the person in charge of planning, whether it is a specifically-hired wedding planner, or the onsite contact person working for your venue.  We ensure a smooth coordination with that person so that on the day of your wedding, you won't have to worry about what happens behind the scenes.  But this is your party, after all; and you get final say on what happens and what doesn't. 

Below is what we refer to as a typical, standard order of events at any reception, after the ceremony and the cocktail hour have concluded.

•             10-15 minutes before introductions: As guests are being ushered into the reception room, the Bandleader/M.C. will meet with the people being introduced (for example, parents, bridal party, etc).  At that time, the M.C. will confirm the order of introductions and make last minute adjustments, if needed. He will also use that opportunity to go over the correct pronunciation of the names of the people to be introduced.

•             Introductions: Once all guests are seated and the coordinator gives the M.C. the green light, the reception officially begins by the M.C. asking all guests to welcome the parents, bridal party and, of course, the newlyweds. 

•             First dance:  After introductions, the newlyweds typically perform their first dance. Most couples opt to shorten the song for their first dance, as they prefer to dance to for no longer than 2-3 minutes.

•             Speeches:  After the newlyweds take their seats, the welcome speech (if any) is given, followed by bridal party toasts. A wireless microphone will be provided to individuals giving speeches. 

•             Blessing (if applicable):  After the speeches are done, the blessing is usually given (a wireless microphone will be provided).

•             Dinner:  While entrees are served to the guests, the band will play an "acoustic dinner set" (this is different from the cocktail hour).  This involves the whole band playing acoustic, mellow versions of a wide range of material. The songs will be performed at a moderate volume to allow for conversation during dinner. We don't expect guests to dance at this point, as the servers may still be serving food and this may make things more difficult for them.  However, like we said earlier, you are the boss; so if you would like upbeat dance music during dinner, we're more than happy to oblige! The duration of this dinner set is typically 40 minutes, depending on how long it takes the caterer to serve entrees.  Once all guests are served, the band will take a short break to eat dinner (during which time background music will be played). 

•             Cake cutting and parent dances:  Dinner is typically followed by the cake cutting and parent dances.

•             TIME TO DANCE: Once the formalities have concluded, the dance floor will open!  This is the time to let loose and let us do what we do best: make you and your guests dance!  We typically build the night, starting with universally appealing material that works for all generations, and then adding in edgier/more modern material as the night progresses.  Instead of using a rigid, pre-scripted setlist, we read the crowd constantly to determine what to play next based on how your guests react to the music played. We will refer to your "must play" song list during this time and incorporate your song requests throughout the evening. We ask that you provide us with some flexibility to include songs that we believe will keep the dance floor full; however, if there are any songs you do not want played, please make note of them on the music selections form.  We do not play organized dance songs like the Chicken Dance, Macarena, Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle so there is no need to put them on the "do not play" list. However, if you do want those songs, please be sure to request them as they will not be played otherwise. Last, but not least, please advise us beforehand if you do not want us to take requests from guests. That said, any song request that is unusual will be run by the newlyweds before it is played. 

•             DJ Set in between band sets:  When the band takes a short break in between dance sets, the DJ music takes over. We actively DJ every song during this time (as opposed to leaving an unattended iPod playing) and continue to read the crowd. Once this is over and the band is ready to continue, live music will resume for one more set until the end of the night.  Things like the Bouquet toss or similar can happen during the DJ set as well.  We will determine the best moment for this, based on your preference and photographer/videographer availability.  If there are any special requests that you would like for the DJ set, please let us know so we can make it happen!

•             End of the Night: After the last song is played, the band will break down their gear in the shortest time possible, so that the venue may lock up for the night.  Regular breakdown time averages an hour.

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